Eufy Video Monitor


Hear & see baby with this long-range, secure video monitor from Eufy

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Whole-Home Coverage:

  • Clear View – Crisp and clear night vision for easy check-ups in low light conditions.
  • Long Range – Clear and stable live stream with wireless range coverage of up to 1000 ft.
  • No need for wifi

High Quality, Safe Streaming Video:

  • Detail Makes the Difference – See your little one in sharp 720p resolution.
  • Large Display – The large 5” monitor display allows you to see every detail of your baby’s environment.
  • FHSS transmission for a secure and private live stream that is for you and only you, which is particularly important in large hotels and unknown environments.

Audio for Parents & Baby:

  • Choose from 5 relaxing lullabies that will help put your little one to sleep.
  • Push-to-talk to your baby, from anywhere in the 1000 ft range.

Plug n Play

  • No setup required — ready to use right out the box so you can monitor your little one in minutes.
  • No need for wifi

Protects You, Your Family, and Your Privacy:

  • Power to Last Through the Day – The battery allows for 30 hours of monitoring in regular usage scenarios (default mode). For more frequent check-ups and continuous monitoring the battery will last for 12 hours.
  • FHSS transmission ensures that the live-stream from your camera to monitor is for your eyes only, even in large hotels and unknown environments.

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